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Are you craving more consciousness in your love-life?

Do you desire as a woman…

  • …to build a love relationship with your body?

  • …to attract all looks with your radiant presence?

  • …to experience mindblowing orgasms?

  • …to unleash your wild, feminine powers?

  • …to stop playing small and weak?

  • …to make self-love the foundation of your relationships to others?

  • …to heal your heart and to open up to love?

  • …to make pleasure a priority in your life?

  • …to have more power and energy throughout the day?

  • …to feel held, seen and loved – exactly as you are right now?

Do you desire as a man…

  • …to build a deep connection to your masculinity and to your penis?

  • …to feel strong and confident in your body?

  • …to increase your physical and emotional sensitivity?

  • …to understand what women really want – in bed and an life?

  • …to deepen your orgasmic experience and to discover new ways of orgasms?

  • …to enjoy sex fully and get rid of performance anxiety?

  • …to extend your lovemaking in an easy and relaxed way?

  • …to have more energy and fun in your daily life instead of wearing yourself out?

  • …to be seen, loved and adored – exactly as you are right now?

Do you desire as a couple…

  • …to step out of power struggles and argument spirals?

  • …to deeply understand each other and love and honor your individuality?

  • …to feel totally free and totally connected at the same time?

  • …to get the old stuff out of the way to make room for new and exciting experiences?

  • …to learn how to support each other in your personal growth and healing?

  • …to share incredibly deep, intimate moments – in bed and in your daily life?

  • …to meet and touch each other on all levels of existence?

  • …to create a vision that goes beyond your relationship and really bind you together?

I support you…

As a Tantric Bodyworker and Coach for Conscious Sexuality and Relationships I support you in creating a new relationship to yourself, your body and your sexuality. An intense personal transformations sets the foundation for a conscious relationship.

I help you recognise your fear, guilt, shame and trauma and to gently, lovingly and sustainably integrate your shadows so you can unfold your ecstatic potential fully – in the bedroom and in your life!

Unleashing your ecstatic potential has positive effects on all aspects of life and helps you feel alive, vibrant and radiant and high vibe like never before.

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About Lucya

Who am I and if so, how many?

Professionally I am: a spirit sex rebel, a source of inspiration, a tantric body-, sex- and relationship coach as well as a prospective tantra teacher.

Personally I am: part-time hippie, part-time hedonist, an open-minded and unconventional visionary, openly married, an xtatic dancer, a soap bubble and cat lover.

Generally I am: unboxable – and very thrilled to be part of this amazing transition of human history.

How I became what I am now?

My path took me to the brink of human abyss and beyond in my earliest childhood through emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Through this traumatization, I spent my childhood and adolescence in a state of inner division, mistrust and struggle against myself and my fellow human beings.

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About Lalita

In the world of Tantra, Lalita is the goddess of creation (Shakti) in her aspect of lightness and joy. She is the personified alternative draft to enlightenment through asceticism.

Lalita teaches us the joy of life, of beauty and of creation. Praising the creation is praising the creator! She sharpens our sensitivity and our ability to enjoy life with all our senses.

In my work, Lalita stands for the following qualities, which form the guidelines for my work with clients and provide a safe container for intense transformational processes.

L  = Love – Love is the first principle and an absolute superpower

A = Awareness – for myself and for all living beings

L = Lightness – and joy instead of stubbornness and rigidity

I = Intimacy – allow true closeness without loosing contact to myself

T = Transcendence – recognising the true nature behind everything

A = Authenticity – Staying true to myself in word and deed

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