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To heal and free your sexuality means to heal and free your whole being

I can not emphasize enough what the healing and liberation of my sexuality did to me and my life. Sexual energy is pure life energy! For this reason, it has been suppressed by politics and religions for millennia.

Not anymore! We are on the verge of a new age – a world where the masculine and the feminine work together in harmony side by side for the benefit of all. For this world to become reality, it is up to each and every one of us to heal the wounds of the past, to forgive one another, and to enter and build this new world free from our legacies.

My heart beats for love – my heart beats for healing – my heart beats for the new world!

I offer my guidance to women, men, and couples who are on the path of consciousness, to support their personal, sexual transformation and healing.

It takes courage, dedication, patience and love to face these inner demons of shame, guilt, fear and trauma.

I have followed this very path to the deepest depths of my soul and can therefore be a reliable and trustworthy guide. And I can promise you that this path is as challenging as it is joyful and ecstatic!

Healing your sexuality is the most rewarding thing you can ever do for you and your life!

Why Coaching?

  • You are searching for a way that works?

  • You long for profound and lasting change?

  • You finally want to get out of the old patterns that hold you back?

  • You already took some effort to change these patterns but you keep falling back?

  • You know that life has much more to offer than you got yet?

  • You long for more energy, ecstasy, joy and lightness?

  • You want to finally be orgasmic?

  • You want to live orgasmic instead of just having orgasms?

  • You long for deep intimacy with yourself and/or with your partner

  • You want to learn techniques that drives him/her mad with pleasure?

  • You want to heal and overcome your trauma?

  • You long for a safe container to experience pleasure?

  • You want to feel more love, safety and belonging in your life?

Coaching is THE way when you want to fulfill your desires much faster, easier and more sustainably than you could do alone or with the help of e.g. a book about the topic. This applies to all areas of life. The idea of ​​coaching comes from sports. An experienced player not only passes on his experience to the young talents but above all he provides motivation and unconditional support. He specifically recognizes and promotes the talents of his protégés. He sees through mental and psychological obstacles that are a blind spot for the player himself. According to these advantages of a coach for a player, people have successfully adapted coaching to the everyday life desires of the people. It works for many many areas of life and it is time for our sexuality to enjoy the support of a coach, too!

During my 800 hours of sex, love and relationship coaching certification with the renowned and wonderful Layla Martin, we address these topics both from the science perspective of modern brain research, neuropsychology and state-of-the-art coaching, and from the perspective of ancient Tantric and Taoist teachings that view sexuality as a way of raising consciousness and spiritual fulfillment. Modern science tells us what happens in our brains, for example, in meditation and breathwork, and why the old teachings are so effective and highly transformative. For the modern consciousness researcher this combination is invaluable. If this website resonates with you then you are such a modern consciousness researcher and my coaching approach will be just right for you!

Coaching for women

Each woman carries within her the inner Goddess, who guides her steps and makes her life a feast of love and ecstasy – as soon as the woman makes contact with this inner goddess and allows her to take the lead!

We work in our coaching sessions, among others, on:

  • the awakening of your inner goddess and the deepening of your contact with her
  • the expansion and deepening of your orgasm potential
  • a positive body image and radical self-love
  • the healing and integration of old wounds and traumas
  • the enhancement of your magnetic charisma and attraction
  • dealing with sexual energy as a life force
  • a more sensual attitude towards life
  • methods that make you an awesome sex-goddess without a shortcoming of your own pleasure
  • recognising and setting your personal boundaries

These are just some of the topics a coaching session can cover. The whole coaching process is completely individual and custom-tailored to you.

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Coaching for men

Conscious, integrated masculinity is a priceless gift for this world. Any man who opposes the millennia-old conditioning of insensitivity, without neglecting his inner warrior, who brings powerful, positive changes to the world, deserves my deepest respect and gratitude!

We work in our coaching sessions, among others, on:

  • a deep connection to your self, your penis and your sexual power
  • an increase in your physical and emotional sensitivity
  • the healing and integration of old wounds and traumas
  • a positive self-image and authentic self-confidence
  • techniques that make you an absolutely remarkable sex god without a shortcoming of your own pleasure
  • methods to use your sexual energy as life energy for more strength and vitality
  • getting rid of performance anxiety
  • lasting longer in a relaxed way
  • understanding women and being able to correctly read their signals
  • skills that help you flirt
  • getting to know and accessing other, more intense types of orgasms

I wish to see more men in their power and clarity and it is my honor and pleasure to accompany you on this journey!

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Coaching for couples

A healthy relationship is the most wonderful and challenging thing in the world. A conscious love relationship is the biggest growth catalyst, a sacred bond between two free people who choose to walk the path of life together. It is my great passion to help couples unleash and live the magic of their connection!

We work in couples coaching, among others, on:

  • establishing meaningful and loving communication patterns

  • healing old wounds to create space for new experiences
  • living freedom AND connectedness at the same time
  • experiencing intimate moments during sex and everyday life
  • deepening or restoring mutual trust
  • reviving sexuality
  • upleveling sexuality from OK to WOW
  • gaining deep, mutual understanding for each other
  • creating a vision that will bind you together

Non-monogamous couples or constellations

Living in non-monogamous constellations on and off since more than 10 years now, I looked at and played around with different types of non-monogamy. I understand the challenges and frustrations as well as the joys and excitements that come with the possibilities.

That being said I coach with all respect for the chosen relationship style and don´t see any of them as the holy grail of relationship. What matters is an open and honest conversation with compassion and empathy to all parties involved.

I support non-monogamous couples or constellations by:

  • becoming aware of the nature of their relationship concept
  • opening the relationship gently and respectfully
  • setting boundaries and overcoming boundaries
  • dealing with jealousy and fear of losing
  • handling successful communication with more than one person
  • integrating new partners
  • exploring and integrating desires and needs of all parties involved
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How I work

The approach of my coaching is desire-based, loving, transformative and aims to bring you consistently into your own power. This means we are observing what feels right to YOU in your life and in your sexuality and how and who YOU ​​want to be. I’m not telling you what conscious sexuality or relationship looks like, but I’m supporting you in finding out what conscious sexuality means to YOU!

In my work, LALITA means that I am guided by the following qualities:

                                                     L = Love

                                                     A = Awareness

                                                     L = Lightness

                                                     I = Intuition

                                                     T = Transformation

                                                     A = authenticity

I attach great importance to the fact that our cooperation really brings long-term changes for you and that your transformation is sustainable. For this reason I offer my support as a process between 6 weeks and 6 months.

To get to know each other and find out if we want to work with each other and I am the right person for your personality and your concern, there is a 20 minute free exploratory session before we start the process, where I will answer all of your questions and we can find out if the Chemistry between us is right. The therapeutic relationship is one of the key factors for the coaching success!

The Coaching Packages include:

  • weekly, high transformative 60-90 minute coaching sessions

  • E-Mail support, if you have any questions or need guidance in between sessions

  • Exercises, meditations and other Tantric and Taoist methods to explore your sexuality in a safe container

  • Custom-tailored, supporting, joyful homeplay exercises between coaching sessions to deepen your transformation

  • Energetic distant healing to resolve and integrate energetic blockages

  • Love, understanding and unconditional acceptance of your individuality

  • Absolute confidentiality and reliability, so you feel completely safe to show yourself with everything there is

  • My expertise, my trained intuition and my wisdom from 6 years of own practice, 2 intense coaching trainings, 4 years of professional tantric bodywork and energetic healing work with people of all kinds

  • Methods that really work and act holistically on all aspects of your being

My heart beats so much for this work, because I experienced first-hand how powerful and life-changing it is. Tantra has given me a new life – and I would like to share this gift with you!

My Offerings

You will be guided 6 weeks in your personal process. The coaching sessions will take place either in person or via Skype or phone. Neither the calls nor the in-person sessions include any hands-on bodywork or nudity.

Your investment into your personal freedom:


You will be guided 12 weeks in your personal process. The coaching sessions will take place either in person or via Skype or phone. Neither the calls nor the in-person sessions include any hands-on bodywork or nudity.

Your investment into your personal freedom:


You will be guided 6 months in your personal process. The coaching sessions will take place either in person or via Skype or phone. Neither the calls nor the in-person sessions include any hands-on bodywork or nudity.

Your investment into your personal freedom:


Tantric Bodywork Single Sessions include tantric and taoist techniques to access sexual energy, breathwork, resolving energetic blockages, tantric healing massages but no classical Coaching.

For a combination of bodywork and coaching please read about the VIP Coaching days or weekends.

At the moment the bodywork sessions take place in Berlin and last between 1,5-2 hours

Your investment into a new relationship to your body:


Get my undivided attention for a whole day or weekend.

The VIP Days or Weekends currently take place in Berlin with the opportunity to sleep in my guestroom.

Its a kickstart into a new way of living and includes coaching and bodywork.

It does not include sexual interaction.

Your investment into your sexual freedom:

$829 (includes bed and board)

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Any questions left?

A few frequently asked questions I will answer here. For any remaining questions please get in contact.

Conscious sexuality for me means being aware of what is good for you, what you want from your sexuality, and how you can get what you want. It means breaking away from other people’s prescriptions on how sex has to or should look, feel, or sound. It means breaking through the patterns that determine your sexuality so far and overcoming your obstacles, such as fear, shame, guilt, education and trauma.

It does not mean to be always only sweet and gentle from now on!

For me, conscious relationship means valuing the relationship as a growth catalyst, using conflict and challenges as a way to develop personally. It means experiencing things about yourself that you would never experience on your own and it means being authentic, open, honest and respectful with one another.

It does not mean that you no longer argue from now on and everything is always sunshine and unicorns!

No! The coaching takes place fully clothed. All exercises that you should be unclothed for you will do alone or with your partner as homeplay.

For the bodywork nakedness might be useful or not. It’s absolutely always only what you’re open and ready for!

Most important to me is that your transformation is permanent and sustainable. Patterns that have arisen over years and decades do not dissolve in a single session. That is why I accompany you over a longer period of time to give your system the opportunity to reprogram fully.

Under certain circumstances, an installment payment is possible. Talk to me about it in our introductory call!

I am neither a trained doctor nor a psychotherapist. Nevertheless, coaching can support and accompany therapy in many cases. It is possible and useful, since we work on levels where conventional medicine / psychiatry does not go to. Please talk to me about the nature and severity of your condition and your current treatment plan.

Hahahahaha – next question please 🙂

Clearly: Yes and No

I know what really severe problems in sexuality and partnership mean – and I am very happy and grateful to be free of those.

Still, I am not perfect at all, having my usual quarrels with my partners and myself, my unpleasant days and phases, being triggered by things or people.

But my handling of these topics is completely different than it was a few years ago. It’s not about having no more problems, but about finding a healthy, dignified, loving way to deal with these challenges!

I am currently living and working in Berlin – the capital of love – and will be traveling internationally from 2019 with my work and building my ecstatic community in South America, so that most coaching sessions will be held via Skype or phone, but also personal coaching sessions and bodywork sessions are possible if it happens to be we are in the same region.

For the VIP coaching days and weekends there is also the possibility that I will come to you within Germany or even worldwide if it aligns with my travel plans and/or if you pay me for the flight.

I am and have been highly empathic and intuitive all my life. As much as it sometimes annoys me to sense and feel so much – as a coach, it is my absolute superpower. I feel that when you – whether consciously or unconsciously – bullshit yourself, my inner voice gives valuable hints on which corner is worth digging deeper and where we are lost in superficiality.

Furthermore I do not speak (only) from theory and books but from experience. I use exercises and tools that have resolved and integrated my own severe traumas – that’s why I am so convinced of the effectiveness of my coaching!

Sex therapists work problem-oriented.

They take care of so-called „dysfunctions“, such as erectile dysfunction or libido loss, without interpreting the language of these „disorders“ and to include the underlying desires.

They pay no attention to the ancient Tantric and Taoist teachings, although its them that make the difference between okay sex and mind-blowing sex.

I work consistently solution-oriented and desire-based. This means that we not only look at how the status quo can be restored (how does the erection or libido function again …) but we look at what do you really yearn for in your sexuality and partnership and what fears, traumas and other wounds need to be integrated and loved (not eradicated!), so you can live your full ecstatic potential!

I live with my husband in a situationally closed to polyamorous partnership. Means, we are talking to each other about our needs for togetherness and openness and are not rigid in one or the other model. However, we are always the main anchor point for each other.

I have been dealing with various alternative love concepts for about 10 years, since rigid monogamy has never matched my personality. I am less concerned with the possibility of sexual freedom, but with the honest and authentic emotional and physical encounter with different people.

I coach both monogamous couples as well as polyamorous couples or other love constellations.

I coach with absolute respect for the chosen form of relationship. I do not want to convince anyone of a particular form of relationship.

To deal with one’s own sexuality and above all the shadow of one’s own sexuality can trigger all sorts of emotions. From anger to flight reflex everything is possible. I know about that and I can hold you in all those emotions because I’ve been there so many times myself.

The journey to the bottom of one’s soul is challenging and I ask you to give yourself and your system a chance. Changes do not happen overnight, and you often have to break through your own blockages and frustrations to receive the reward on the other side of the tunnel.

I will not bind you to a contract and if it is your deep desire to step out of the process prematurely, this is always possible. If that happens, let us work together to find out if it’s just an obstacle worth getting over, or if premature termination at this point really makes sense.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – but I promise you it’s worth it!

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