Why the Sexual Revolution 2.0 will change the world

Why the sexual revolution 2.0 will change the world

On the main page of this website I write: „This second sexual revolution is far from just a bedroom revolution – it touches every aspect of our daily lives!“
But what does „second sexual revolution“ actually mean and how and why does it have the potential to change our world in a profound way ?!
The first wave of sexual revolution
We in the West are lucky to have gone through the first wave of the sexual revolution already. This first wave radically changed the way in which sexuality is perceived and evaluated in its outward manifestations.
Instead of having to submit to a single truth about „right sexuality“ (married, heterosexual, missionary position), we can do it now, how, where and with whom we want (with several people parallel or simultaneously, with men and with women, outdoors, kinky, queer, demi, pan, etc.) as long as everyone involved agrees with what happens.
While we are still in the process of recognition and equality, unlike our grandparents or even great-grandparent generation, we enjoy a massive increase in sexual freedom.
The good and bad of the first wave sexual revolution
Although it is undeniably beneficial to experience this strong social opening to a much wider approach to sexuality, this openness also carries along some rather problematic aspects.
Porn addiction, media-influenced body ideals, pornography as a benchmark for good sex and as an influencer to even our kids, unwillingness for deeper bonding, pressure to sexually perform for men and women.
The pendulum has swung in the other direction big time.
The reproach „slut“ for too much sexual openness joins now „jammed and prudish“ for too little openness. These attributes are often already used for the absence of readiness for sex on the first date or the unwillingness to play sadomasochistic styles.
It often seems that sex is now much easier to get than love and that faster, higher, more is more important than pleasure and enjoyment.
The Sexual Revolution 2.0
No wonder that with such changes, the desire for more awareness of sexuality is becoming louder and louder in a lot of people.
In this „second wave“ of sexual revolution, it’s much more about how sex feels on the inside instead of how it looks like on the outside.
Bodyconfidence instead of bodyshaming. Enjoyment instead of pressure to perform. Connection to your own body instead of thinking about whether your breasts look good in this position. Deepened intimacy to yourself and your partner instead of orgasm fixation. Goddess consciousness instead of self-doubt. Healing instead of further traumatization. Sensitization instead of blunting. Really finding out what you like instead of 50 new sex tips from the women’s and men’s magazines.
Why the second wave sexual revolution not only improves our sex lifes
In my ecstatic manifesto I speak about the fundamental misunderstanding that persists in people’s minds about sex.
We confuse sexual energy with horniness and animalistic instincts rather than associating it with vitality and life energy.
Paying attention to and strengthening our sexual energy is therefore not only important for more fun in bed or on the kitchen table but also if you want to live an active, vibrant and rich life full of passion and enthusiasm.
The more sexual energy (think: life energy) pulsates through your body, the more alive and connected you feel with this life and this very moment.
Sexual energy makes the fundamental difference between dying gray in everyday life and making ecstatic love with life itself!
How the Sexual Revolution 2.0 fills our inner emptiness
In many people, there is such a deep deep emptiness that we have never taught to deal with constructively. Some of these people compensate this emptiness through substance abuse or other addictions. Sex and porn addiction plays an important role in filling this void as well. The porn market, especially on the internet, is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries.
We as human beings have a fundamental yearning for touch, for support and for our „tribe“ – a group of people with whom we can feel at home and belong to.
Children die internally or literally if they are only fed materially but not emotionally.
Unfortunately, the lack of contact in our society has been and still is often furthered by a distanced approach to babies, such as puttimg them into carrying prams instead of carrying them close to the body and having their own room instead of sleeping in their parents‘ bed.
These emotionally underserved babies grow into big people and often carry their emptiness, unfulfilledness and longing unreflected into every new relationship, where then they desire and often expect their partner to fill up this void.
Almost every relationship breaks down today under the unconsciously brought burden of the inner emptiness of one or both partners.
However, when partners begin to reflect on their heritage they brought with them and take responsibility for it, there can be a huge turnaround in the partnership.
It is then no longer unconsciously expected from the partner to fill the hole. There is no longer a need to suffer in silence or to break up when we take responsibility for our inner children. A new culture of communication can occur in which the partners talk openly and reproach-free about their needs and desires.
Learning a new culture of conversation about sexual desires and needs is an immensely important part of the second wave sexual revolution. If we understand that sexuality can be food for the heart and soul, instead of being a source of pressure and frustration, we have a whole new way of dealing with the undernourishment left by our upbringing.
Part of the Sexual Revolution 2.0 is also a new, conscious form of masturbation that no longer serves only to let out the frustration of the day but provides a basis for deep self-love and holistic self-acceptance.
We begin to give ourselves, both physically and emotionally, the attention we need.
That does not mean that we do not long for them from the outside, but it takes an enormous burden off our partner’s shoulders when he is no longer solely responsible for nourishing us emotionally.
The love of partnership can then be added and, as such, serve us in a much deeper way than if it has an insatiable black hole to fill.
Why the sexual revolution 2.0 is inevitable
This sounds all too good to be true you might think.
But even if it may not feel that way for many of us yet, we are already in the middle of this second wave!
Let’s go back 50-60 years for a short time travel.
The idea of spending time in a room full of weights, and strangers several times a week, or running around without having a specific destination, was absurd for our grandparents.
The idea of not eating certain things, even though they are delicious and available, would have been even more absurd.
If you look around in our modern cities, you can easily see how the fitness and food revolution has changed the cityscape (gyms on every corner), the supermarkets (vegan products in every discounter), the bookstores (several shelfs of nutritional and fitness literature) and our thinking („I want to do more sport and eat better“ are among the top 5 New Year’s resolutions).
If we look at this development it is only a matter of time until the positive effects of conscious sexuality settles in mass consciousness as well.
My teacher always states that Tantra will be in 20 years where Yoga is today because Yoga was 20 years ago where Tantra is now in the public perception.
Another sign for the inavitability of the second wave sexual revolution is that the desire and the need for healing (collective and individual) in many people is becoming louder and louder.
The number of people interested in yoga and spiritual and alternative healing methods is increasing rapidly and the number of providers of tantra courses, sexological bodyworkers and slow sex books is steadily increasing.
There is a huge need for healing in the area of sexuality for most of us if not for all of us.
May it be because of sexual trauma, early childhood imprinting or negative experiences with sexuality during the course of our lifes.
Great changes cast their shadows and I look forward to the day when „I want to take care of my ecstatic potential this year“ is overriding fitness and nutritional intentions.
I am in good spirits that this will not take another 50-60 years!
I have experienced how the ancient techniques of Tantra can provide healing and education and I like the effort of many people over the last two decades that try to make these ancient teachings more accesable for modern people.
And I am really really happy to be one of them. It´s an honor and a blessing. It´s the most beautiful and rewarding path I can imagine being on!
All Love to you and your personal sexual revolution
~ Lucya ~
Ps:  What do you think about the Sexual Revolution 2.0?
Is it needed for you?
For people you know?
For the world as a whole?
Please share it with me in the comments below!
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