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The Xtatic Manifesto – A manifesto for life itself

Part 1

The Xtatic Revolution has written on its banner to inspire people like you, with all their different life drafts, goals, longings, desires, dreams and all their various worries, fears, distresses, quarrels and challenges of their daily life to pursue a total different way that changes their lifes for the better.

A way of re-establishing pleasure, sensuality, joy and ecstasy, so it can be experienced in everyday life, instead of outsourcing it to the weekend, the holiday or even to retirement!

This path is a path that is both philosophical, spiritual and thoroughly practical, covering all aspects of life.

Nothing that interests you, nothing that makes you unique, nothing that you truly are, not a single part of yourself, must be denied, suppressed, excluded, negated or killed!

On the contrary! This path encourages you to radical self-realization!

It encourages you to unconditional self-love. With all your radiance, your inner glow, your abilities and talents, your gifts, that are slumbering in you for the sake of the world. And with all your flaws, your rage, your sadness, your magical weirdness, with all your grandiose strangeness and your remarcable quirks!

At the center of this path is a word which has been misunderstood by far too many people for far too long:


The great misconception

Most people who hear the word Tantra think of a something sexual that has something to do with esoteric – maybe they see images of sex with incense and hear Indian mantras playing in the background.

This is neither right nor wrong. It’s just an insanely reduced view.

Tantra is much, much more than that. Tantra is a forest. Sexuality is a tree in this forest. A beautiful, magnificent oak, for sure, but still only a single tree in the whole forest of Tantra.

Tantra originally was created in ancient India as a counter-movement to the ascetic spiritual paths, which withdrew from the worldly, the material and the physical, in order to find enlightenment far away from and undistracted by worldly pleasures.

Tantric philosophy, on the other hand, does not regard worldly issues as a distraction on the path to enlightenment and to „God“ (whatever anyone wants to understand by this concept) but as divine itself!

Money is divine, career is divine, food is divine, enjoyment is divine, sex is divine.

Busting the great misconception

In the course of dealing with these new insights and the resulting practices (for example, the teachings of the Chakras, which today plays a role in many spiritual practices, has its origin in tantra), a basic insight was revealed:

Sexual Energy = Life energy

Let me repeat that because it really, really is incredibly important for further understanding: Sexual energy is equal to life energy! You can use these two words interchangeably! Whenever in the following lines sexual energy is written, read “life energy” as well. Whenever life energy is written, read “sexual energy” as well.

Most people, when hearing the word sexual energy, think of things like lust, greed, high libido, desire for sexual intercourse and things like that.

Do you understand now why Tantra has such a bad reputation and is reduced to a sexual practice by most people?! No wonders here for me anymore. Now that this incredible misunderstanding has been gotten out of the way, let me explain what sexual energy (think: life energy) REALLY is:

  • The motor and activator of your whole being
  • The greatest source of self-confidence and self-love
  • The energy that makes us radiant and glow from the inside
  • The foundation of healthy relationships – to yourself, your family, your partner, your kids, your colleagues and even to completely strangers
  • The base of mental, emotional and physical health
  • The core of joy, happiness, aliveness and ecstasy

Does this sound familiar in any way to you? Does this remind you of anything you know and have personally experienced in your life?

Correct: It sounds like falling in love! All this is exactly what happens when you fall in love.

Our whole being is activated, we glow from the inside, feel more self-confident, more open and could embrace the whole world. We eat better, sleep better, we are happier, feel more alive, more ecstatic, and we are nicer to the people around us.

So the extended equation is as follows:

Sexual Energy = Life Energy = Falling in love

Combining this with Tantra we can put it like that:


And that is exactly what The Xtatic Revolution is all about!

The basic exercises of falling in love with life


Breath is life. Oxygen is life energy. Consciously absorbed life energy (the Chinese call it Chi and the Indians Prana) fills our motor with vitality, centers and strengthens us and brings us to the present moment – the only moment in which we can experience life fully and consciously at all!

The basic tantric breath literally sucks life energy from our environment. As through a straw, the air is sucked in through the slightly opened lips.


During exhalation, the use of our voice helps us to consciously and effectively let go of stress and tension that our modern lifestyle brings with it. No matter whether it is a sigh, a groan or a scream, no matter whether it is soft or loud. Sounding on exhalation creates space in our body, expands our capacity to suck in new energy that fill us up with joy where previously tension, stress and discomfort were present.


Let me explain shortly how our nervous system works and why free and wild and uncontrolled movement is so utterly important for our health and wellbeing.

In our modern world, most people spend most of the day sitting. In the office, in the car, on the train, in school or university, in front of the TV. And even our physical compensation, for example sports, takes place in a fairly narrow motion range.

But our body is not designed for this livestyle! Our body wants to move – wild and free! We are designed for a life in nature and not for a life at the desk and on the couch.

Through our lifestyle, our natural instincts got lost. Due to the constant flood of information and noise, our system is exposed to constant stress. Shocks, like being jostled, or sudden, loud noises, we often do not even realize as shocks anymore. But our subconscious nervous system does!

The natural reaction of our nervous system, the so-called fight or flight reflex, is overridden by the constantly experienced shocks and the only thing that is left to our system as a solution is freeze. It literally numbs us out to help and to save us. We are in shock rigid.

Animals that have suffered a shock are shaking to get rid of this shock and free their system from what they have suffered. However, since we are confronted with constant shocks from a young age on, a certain degree of stiffness has become a normal and permanent condition for most people!

To free our body and to restore its natural agility is incredibly important to make us open, wide and receptive to the life energy we absorb via the conscious breathing.

The modern tantric mystic Osho has invented a series of dynamic meditations to help modern people to free their body again. For example the Kundalini shaking meditation where you shake your body gently in a standing position with knees bend slightly to get rid of the shocks and traumas in your body.

By combining these three aspects – breathing, sounding and movement – we create the foundation to experience joy and vitality again fully in our lives.

Our five built-in worldwonders

Maybe by now you are wondering HOW you can experience increased joy, aliveness and ecstasy in your day to day life.

Great – here comes the only must-know secret to an outrageous sparkling and radiantly ecstatic life:

Your senses!

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling

No, don’t run away! I’m not making fun of you! It really IS that simple!

Do you think I simply called my heart project The Sensual Revolution because it sounds good? Get to know me better, and you know this is not my style!

EVERYTHING you need to turn your life upside down for the better you had, have and hopefully you forever will have always with you!

Isn´t that absolutely great news?!

You and everyone around you is equipped with five worldwonders!

The sad truth

But if it is really that easy, why, by all the five heavenly senses, do we almost all have such a dull, ecstasy-free life, stuffed with routines and duties, and are not dancing through the world from morning till night?

The sad truth is:

We do not pay enough attention to our own life!

Take a moment to let this all sink in. We have all we need to enjoy life fully – and still we are complaining about our boring and grey ecstasy-free lives!

Truth hurts! But only when you know where you are standing now, you can open up for change.

How much conscious attention do you give to your sensory impressions in everyday life?

This question is crucial for everything else – so please do both of us the favor and answer this question as honest as possible. Even if the answer makes you sad, frustrated, angry or awakes other unpleasant feelings. These unpleasant feelings can be your highest motivation for change!

You are not alone!

You don´t have to know yet, how to make that change happen. Most important is that you take yourself and the wish for change serious. I created The Xtatic Revolution to help you with the HOW. To inspire, to teach and to preach about the importance of taking back your life.

Because you are not alone!

I also spent the majority of my life in shock – paralyzed by abuse, violence and trauma, and I was hardly ever present in my own body!

My spiritual awakening in 2012 – my sudden realization, I am more than this body. I have, as each one of us, an indestructible, inviolable and forever complete core, which only inhabits this body for a certain amount of time – has brought me back to life and has brought me to the tantric path.

Tantric practice has given me back my life, my self-worth, my wish to live, my lust for life. All this with both a lot of fun, laughter and ecstasy and oceans of tears while the ice around my heart, my body and my soul melted.

The only thing it takes to make this change happen for you as well – no matter where you are now, no matter what is behind you – is courage, will and curiosity, awareness and a few basic techniques.

How far you are taking this path, how deep you wanna dive into it, you decide! I am not here to force any spirituality or any believe on you. I just offer support, exercises and inspiration.

I am here to remind you: YOU are the creator of your own life! No one else can do the job for you.

No matter where you are in your life, what you believe, how old you are, what gender you belong to, and how your life has been so far – always, always, always (!) is it possible to change the course of your life!

You now have almost all the information you need to start.


Yes – almost. I have to confess that it was not 100% true, when I said that your senses are the only thing you need to change your life from dull to vibrant. Please forgive me, but at the end of this manifesto you will understand, why.

I would be able to shorten the time here, give you the last information and leave you in the comfortable, soft, and cosy certainty that all positive thinkers tell you again and again: You can do everything because all power is within you (what actually IS true).

But I want more! Much more! For you, for me and for the world as a whole!

That is why I have to risk it at this point. This is why I have to speak about something that few dare to speak about. I have to risk to step massively on some peoples toes…

In this first part of the manifesto, I wanted to explain to you why Tantra is as important as it is misunderstood. I wanted to inspire you, to put aside your prejudices and look at the benefits instead.

In the second part, I would like to tell you, why I want to start a revolution. Against or for what is The Xtatic Revolution revolting?

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