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Part 2: The whole truth

Integrity and honesty are fairly high values in my life. And I hope in yours as well. If so, you understand that I have to live up to these values and do not want to hold back any information, just in order to not confuse your more or less comfortably arranged life.

That means, not keeping important information secret but being 100% honest with you.

I have called my heart project not only because of the importance of ecstasy, The Xtatic Revolution – but also because I am serious about the revolution part in it!

A Manifesto for Life

The highest call of my soul, which was revealed to me on my awakening in 2012, is the wish for the world and all its beings – once and for all – to end all violence and all wars between humans and against nature! Not more – and certainly not less!

There is a scream inside me, powerful and loud – and here in this manifesto I scream it out into the world:


May this scream reach down to the deepest depths of every heart and soul, and finally, finally, wake all of you, wake the world from this deep sleep and lethargy!

All those of you, who, quite loud and clear, or deeply hidden behind all the distractions of daily life, behind all the self-indulgences or behind all the resignation, also feel this scream within themselves, may become aware of it NOW and scream with me:


And may these screams find the ones of the others who scream and may we all scream together7


Fed up with war, fed up with violence, fed up with terror and horror and gore.

Even if you do not yet feel this cry in you, please continue reading because the following informations are important to anyone, who wants to understand why we have moved away from our ecstatic core.

To make this crystal clear: I am NOT a leader and I am NOT a guru, and God and all who know me know, I do not want to be one!

It’s not about me. I am merely a messenger, like many others at this time. What I am saying is all about YOU – about each one of you – each one of US! We all are sitting in the same boat, or in this case, on the same planet, sharing the fundamentally equal desires for peace, harmony, security, joy, aliveness and growth.

For each one of you, these words may be filled differently, but at the very core we share the same desires as a human being. We are one.

If that really, really is true, then why the hell do we live so alienated and so far away from these desires in a permanent state of war within ourselves, our relationships, our neighborhoods and the world itself?

Was it ever different?!

Most people would agree that we live an anti-ecstatic lifestyle in an anti-ecstatic society by doing jobs that we hate to buy things we don´t need to impress people we don´t even like.

At the latest in the thirties, the „we have to be serious now” part of life begins for all of us. The family wants to be fed, house and car need to be paid off and children need to be cared for. Fun, pleasure, enjoyments and ecstasy are put off to weekends, holidays or even to retirement.

One of the most important teachers of modern tantra, Margot Anand, points out the reason for our current misery on spot. She calls it:

The anti-ecstatic conspiracy

The anti-ecstatic conspiracy deprives us not only of our joy in life. It also deprives more and more of our very foundation for life – a healthy environment, peace in families and partnerships and safety in our lives. The actual tragic is, we are all part of this conspiracy against ourselves! We support this anti-ecstatic view on life with sentences like:

  • Pull yourself together
  • Don´t be such a wimp
  • Nothing comes from nothing
  • The winner takes it all
  • Only the strong survive

Why do we do this to ourselves, our children and our fellow human beings? Why do we live in competition, discrimination and constant war amongst our brothers and sisters?

Simply because we were born into it!

We have literally sucked it in with the mother’s milk because our parents, our teachers, leaders and priests have learned it from their parents, as well as their parents from their parents and so on.

We can hardly imagine that it was ever different and so we can hardly imagine that it could ever be different!

And because we can not imagine that, we lack the motivation to change our situation.

But there was actually a time when it was different!

Let me tell you about it.

How it was before

Until about 2,500 BC, most of the world was populated by ecstatic cultures! (!!!!)

They lived in harmony with the planet and the natural cycles and rhythms of life. They were organized on “the partnership model”, as Riane Eisler calls it. This means men and women were equal in rights. All aspects of life – partnership, family, art, culture, festivals, trade – were deeply embedded in the understanding of a thoroughly living creation. Nothing was considered as pure matter. Nothing was considered worthless or unnecessary. Everything in creation had its value, its meaning and its place.

Women, as the incarnation of the great goddess, who gives all life, held great spiritual as well as social power. They lead the so-called “clan houses”, and all the heritage was given further in the lineage of the mother.

Men, as the incarnation of the goddess’s lover, who gave his sperm to fertilize the world, were on the same level with women.

The ideal of this time was not status and possession, but sociality and caring. Representatives of both genders were selected because of a particularly high degree of social competence and care.

In their sensual, erotic myths, which formed the foundation of their ecstatic culture, the great goddess planted a holy fig tree on the earth, whose sweet, delicious, juicy fruits represented the goddess herself.

In religious rites and ceremonies, these fruits were consumed as a symbol of the flesh and the nectar of the goddess.

Sensuality and sexuality amongst human beings were always practiced in homage to life itself and also had their part in the religious festivities.

Many statuettes and figures with lush curves were found all over the world and testify to this forgotten cultures.

If you would like further information on this subject, I highly recommend the books of Heide Göttner-Abendroth.

How a life-giving, sensual goddess became a vengeful God

About 1800 and 1000 BC a small, warlike nomad tribe brought monotheism to the Middle East.

In Canaan, the land of milk and honey, they saw the Canaanites worshipping their great goddess. For a while, the two religions lived in coexistence until patriarchy, and with it the worship of the patriarchal, male, martial God, gradually spread through warlike clashes.

The sacred fig tree, the goddess and sexuality as a divine act became the apple tree, the forbidden fruit and the original sin.

That´s how it can go…

The serpent, in many ancient cultures symbol of liberation through sexuality (see: Kundalini) became a symbol for seduction, deceit and the devil himself.

The attainment of knowledge, which can free us and bring us closer to god, became the original sin itself. Eve did not eat from some ordinary apple tree. No, she ate from the Tree of Knowledge – therefore both got thrown out of paradise. We remember…

After that, humanity had only one way of living, so they are not thrown into hell for eternal suffering: to guilty, shame-ridden and embarrassed, separated from God and the connection to our life energy (we remember from part 1: sexual energy = life energy) obey a jealous, vengeful God who is only satisfied by blind obedience and wants to stay unquestioned.

What happened next…

The further influence of the patriarchal religions and the final destruction of the divine feminine, and thus the sensuality, the ecstatic rites and the deep understanding of an animated world, reached its peak in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance through Inquisition, witch hunting and missionary journeys.

The constant linking of sexuality with the devil and the compensation for not being able and allowed to express our sensual and sexual nature – eroticized torture and murder of millions of women in the name of religion – lead to the nowadays predominant perversion and sexual violence.

The condemnation and demonization of our sexuality into the shadow of our collective soul can only lead to a congestion of our vital forces.

This forces which are jammed in us then either finds other, destructive ventiles for discharge, such as physical and sexual violence, misuse of power, perversion, and martial actions. Or it turns self-destructive against our own inner being – through addiction, depression, illness, self-denial and excessive obedience.

And now ?!

Sorry folks! I know that this is really a lot to take, sitting there in comfort, reading these lines. Nearly unbelievable, if one has never dealt more intensively with the history and the connections of sexualized violence with the suppression of our vital forces – our sexuality.

It is important for me that you understand I am not blaming anyone!

I don´t blame Christianity and other established religions. I don´t blame men – even those who were or are violent in any form, because they too are inborn victims of an out-of-control society.

I myself have experienced all sorts of abuse and violence at least once in my life and I am in solidarity with all survivors of abuse and violence.

However, blaming anyone and staying in the victim role simply does not take us any step further at this point!

All I want, is to shine the light of consciousness at this shadow of our collective human soul – to free sexuality from shame, guilt, sin and perversion, and thus from violence and abuse.

All I want, is to bring sensuality and sexuality back to their rightful, sacred place, where they belong to serve our life and our self-realization.

All I want, is to restore peace between men and women, women and men so they can stand together for a better world and support each other on the road to peace, freedom, love, ecstasy and a more sustainable future !

To this way I have devoted all that I have and all that I am! My life, my heart, my soul, my body, all my actions and all my strength!

My call to the world

I am calling YOU – I am calling each and every one of you to join this revolution!

I would like to invite you to accompany me on this path. I can not go this way alone. I need you – I need all of you!

Again – and this really is important: Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not writing this because I want to be a leader or a guru – believe me, I am absolutely not!

It takes me to the edge of every conceivable comfort zone to share this manifesto with the world… But I got this higher calling and I follow. One has to do it. And I am so so happy, I am not the only one these days!

The Xtatic Revolution is not about me. It is about each and every one of you. About you and about our children. About the further existence of our planet and our species. About our common boat, where we all sit together, because:


I want every one of you to take his or her personal power back from wherever he or she has given it away to.

I want you to be radiant again! I want you to shine!

The last secret

Perhaps you remember that in Part 1 I announced the revelation of the last great secret, which is crucial for the success of your personal xtatic revolution. And you will understand why it was necessary to first talk about the past before I vent this mystery and start my call.

What you need besides the tried and tested techniques of tantra, your five built-in worldwonders and your constant focus on the sensuous impressions conveyed in the here and now is:

A strong community!

Yes, my love. The time of the individual fighters and the lone wolves is over!

Only in strong, supportive communities can we pool our forces to meet the challenges facing us in this time. The personal challenges as well as the global ones.

We need each other to reassure us that we are okay, going this new, rebellious way.

We have to remind ourselves and each other, day by day, that life is not a battlefield, but a wonderful, colorful and versatile adventure playground.

We must replace the old, worn-out phrases with new, more useful affirmations:

  • It may also be easy
  • Ecstasy is our birthright
  • The heart knows the way
  • Love is the key
  • Enjoyment is everywhere
  • Life is a wonderful joyous firework

We must help one another to heal. Our own wounds, those of our ancestors and those of our collective soul.

I am neither the guru nor the leader of this community! The world I dream of knows only kings and queens of the own kingdoms everyone is ruling in alignment with the whole.

Even though this all may sound madly pathetic in your ears – and somehow it does in mine as well – it is basically quite simple.

I am just here to inspire. I’m just here to remind you. I am just here to encourage you through my own story and strengthen your confidence in yourself.

When I have succeeded in transforming myself into an ecstatic, radiant, strong, courageous being starting off as a misanthropic, hateful and revenge-fantasizing, furious bitch or a constantly struggling, lost, hopeless, self-denying victim, everyone can! No matter where he or she starts off from! No matter how your past was!

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy – I just say it’s worth it!

I have five long years of intense transformation behind me – and I am far from the end of this journey. However, five years ago, I thought I NEVER ever would reach the level of stability, self-love, joy, intimacy, and inner peace that I have already achieved!

Ecstasy is your birthright!

If you agree, come and join The Xtatic Revolution!