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The Tantric Warrior Training – A journey into conscious sexuality and manhood

A Tantric Warrior is a man who conquers , embraces and aligns his 3 temples – the sex, the heart and the mind – to become a fully integrated, conscious and reliable source of power and justice.

He embraces his body, his desires and his sexuality and brings them in full integrity and honesty to the female.

He uses his qualities as a lover, a protector and a wise man wholeheartedly in service of his tribe –
his friends, his family and his community.

He knows that real power comes from within – not from power over others.

Every man carries the potential to become a Tantric Warrior

What differentiates those who solely HAVE the potential from those who LIVE their potential and
bring it out into the world are two things:

1. A strong desire for self-realization and improvement of what it means to be a human being and a man in this day and age

2. A decent education both around what it means to be a conscious, integrated man and in the field of Tantric Sexuality.

Number one has to come from within – no one can plant this seed of desire into your heart.

For number two I created The Tantric Warrior Training for you.

I strongly believe that mastering your sexuality and mastering your manhood goes hand in hand

Your sexuality is a vital part of your being and in our culture and society men got heavily disempowered and mislead in this area.

We lack conscious teachers who act in integrity and teach what really matters in life.

And we lack transition rites to make it perfectly clear: “I am a man now” like they have in tribal
societies where young men get initiated into manhood through special rituals.

Instead we get fed distorted belief systems that we reproduce over and over again throughout

→ Men are predators and not trustworthy
→ Men are ruled by their cock
→ Being powerful means having power over others
→ Sexuality is dangerous
→ Real men don ́t cry
→ Emotions, beauty and sensuality is for pussies
→ Be strong or be gay

So by the day we enter adulthood our brain and heart is stuffed with disempowering messages about what it means to be a man.

Our sexuality becomes distorted in the same way

The vast majority of education around sexuality nowadays comes from porn and is far far away from reality and from what I call conscious sexuality.

So what is conscious sexuality and why is it so important to learn about it?

→ It enables you to last as long as you want
→ It brings you out of your head and into your body
→ It fosters a real intimate connection to your partner or your lover(s)
→ It makes you a masterful lover who can REALLY satisfy a woman
→ It re-sensitizes your body so you can feel turn on all over your body
→ It intensifies your orgasms big time
→ It helps you to become sexually mature
→ It even helps you to become multi-orgasmic – no kidding!
→ It helps to heal all sorts of physical and emotional trauma
→ It helps you understand what women want and how to give it to them
→ It nourishes your body, your heart and your soul on all levels

And if you are interested in spirituality you can even use it as a spiritual practice as it has similar
benefits and effects as meditation and connects you to your innermost essence.

Let all this sink in for a moment

Ask yourself how your life would change if both the messages around what it means to be a man would have been replaced through empowering belief systems AND you would enjoy all the benefits of conscious sexuality.

How would you go about your day and your life in general?

How would you be able to interact with women?

How would you be able to satisfy a woman sexually?

How would it change how you see yourself?

I created The Tantric Warrior Training because I want to see more men in their power

For their own sake as an empowered man and because I want more Tantric Warriors available as partners for us women!

Every goddess who wanders the earth in a human body deserves a Tantric Warrior by her side!

And because the Women ́s Empowerment Movement picked up speed in the last 10-20 years you guys need to catch up – big time!

If you want to be a high quality partner you have the best chances on the marketplace as a Tantric Warrior.

The nitty gritty details of The Tantric Warrior Training

The Tantric Warrior Training consists of two parts which work together perfectly.

It is 12 week program offers a modern, integrated approach to the ancient Tantric teachings combined with scientifically proven, high end contemporary coaching methods to heal everything that stands between you and your true essence.

1. Over the course of 10 coaching sessions you get to discover and integrate everything that holds you back from stepping into your power

In my Coaching I use the revolutionary method of Integrated Embodiment Coaching.

This Coaching methodology works on all levels of the brain – the rational mind, the emotional and the instinctual level.

To work with all parts of the brain allows us to not only address your blockages from the logical level – if that would work we would all be perfect – but to include the deeper layers of the subconscious mind.

Subconscious fears and belief systems is what mainly sabotages our success in our transformation.

Therefore to include and address the deeper layers of the subconscious mind increases your transformation success tremendously!

2. Discover simple yet endlessly powerful Tantric and Taoist techniques to raise and use your sexual energy – which is, in fact, your creative life force energy itself

Tantra is both a deeply spiritual, philosophical AND practical approach to life.

It teaches us very clear, concrete and practical methods how to embrace the fullness of human experience so that even the most intense pain can feel orgasmic (yes, as well heartbreak and birth!)

It teaches us that our body is a temple and a vehicle for our souls to travel on this planet and experience the third dimension.

The tools and techniques I will be sharing with you will connect you to your three centers – the sex, the heart and the mind – and help you to bring them in alignment and integration.