My motto that brought me to live life according to my own rules…

A certain life motto accompanies me for a while now … More precisely: As long as I am able to think back! And I am absolutely convinced that this attitude saved me mentally and brought me exactly where I am today!

I have to eat, breath and shit – and that´s it!

Going out in the cold in kindergarten just because aunty says so?!
Ask for permission at school just to go to the loo?!
Finish my studies
just because I started it?
To live a monogamous life, just so I do not shake anyone’s fairytale world?

I don´t have to do shit!

It may be obvious that I was not easy to handle by my parents and caretakers.

But that’s exactly what my TRUE friends loved about me.

I was ALIVE! I mean, really alive. No masks. No games. There was always adventure with me!

If I have to, I don´t want to. But if I want to …

At the age of 15 I moved out from home into my friends shared flat. My mom agreed to that under the condition that I continue school (I broke up school because I wanted to be with my friends instead of sitting around learning bullshit.) I finished as the eighth best out of 108 pupils in my highschool grade.

I started and broke up with two univesity degrees before my first successful self-employment.

After several years of sexual trauma and „moderate personality disorder“ I have dragged myself out of all this misery and am now a happy, healthy, normally neurotic tantramasseuse and sex coach.

… then there is NOTHING what stops me!

Our deepest desires set free unexpected energy reserves!

Whereas living according to social demands and norms, which are not connected with one’s own heart’s desires, leads to what we see daily in masses on the street:

Depressed, stressed people, driven by the fear to fall and fail according to social standards.

Living against yourself and against your true desires costs a hell of a lot of energy!

Many have this power and accomplish a masterpiece of self-denial! For a certain period of time. Before they get into burn out or get a physical illness that stops them…

I am infinitely grateful to my sensitivity and my radical inability to do things that do not fullfill me!

As much as I’ve cursed it sometimes, when I wanted to be successful after social standards – it kept me from „clenching my teeth,“ „sticking with it,“ „getting it over with,“ and ultimately, from denying myself and making myself unhappy.

So never doing anything that is not fun?

Yes, sometimes I want more self-discipline. Yes, sometimes I should really do things that are important for the future. Thinking about retirement. Going to the gym ..

But I know very well that I CAN do these things – when they serve an important long-time goal.

I sit 13 hours a day on my projects.

I go to the gym because I want to be fit for climbing in the andes mountains.

I do every single exercise of my coaching certification because I want to grow as much as I can.

If I would never do things that are not fun, this blog would not exist.

Web design and spending hours dangling with WordPress are certainly not my favorite hobbies. But the vision behind this blog is so much my heart’s desire that I simply do everything that needs to be done to get there with joy! Because I know what I do it for!

Every person has a mission – a sacred task!

In every human being, a heart’s desire strives for realization. A wish that sets all energy in motion!

Give this desire a chance to kindle your inner fire!

No matter what life situation you are in – allow yourself to dream.

To dream big!

Even bigger!

So big, that everything inside you is tingling with energy and your mind is thinking: HELL YEAH!

And then go and use that fire and energy! Every day! In small but important steps …

Do not give up if you haven´t found it yet…

Do not give up if you have not found the purpose of your life.

For years I have been boundlessly drowned in the ocean of ​​possibilities. Try and Error. Experiment and failure. Desperation and getting up again …

What has always accompanied me, was the defiant certainty: I don´t have to do shit!

Whenever something did not fit me anymore, deep inside me just did not serve me anymore, I moved on.

Whether it was a person, a job, a place, a scene, a circle of friends, a conviction.

Check carefully, and check with your heart, if it’s just a phase of darkness …

Then fight and hold on to the light!

Or if deep inside it’s just not right for you anymore.

Then be courageous and move on!

You don´t have to do shit!
But you can do everything you really want!



Getting into action:

Have you already found your mission?

Is it easy for you to let go, or do you to stick to it at all costs?

Leave me a comment and let´s help each other to fullfill our true mission!

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