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Gedichte und Gedanken

Neber der Arbeit mit Menschen und meiner spirituellen Praxis ist das verfassen von Lyrik und Gedichten einer meiner Lieblingskanäle für meinen kreativen Ausdruck.

Hier teile ich mit dir Gedichte ab 2012, die nach meinem spirituellen Erwachen entstanden sind.

Lass sie einfach auf dich wirken und dich von ihnen erinnern, was möglich ist.

The road less travelled

i dont know where i´m going
but i am on my way
i dont know where this way leads me
but i think that´s okay

cause all these little miracles
which show off left and right
they blow my mind each day and night
they focus my heartsight

they keep me going
keep me working
keep me loving
keep me searching

for other people
who also see
these little miracles
just like me

at times i wonder why so many
people are so ignorant
these miracles surrounding us
are sparkling, loving and vibrant

closed-hearted people are busy with
protecting them from pain
until their hearts do realise
they have to open up again

to let in all the energy
to let in all the flow
to let in people lovingly
to reclame all the glow

my way brings me together with
these people now and then
and tought me in my early years
how to reach to them

a single open-hearted word
or look, or touch, or hug
can heal some of the pain inside
can fill the empty cup

until i close my eyes forever
and reunite with source
i hope i reached a lot of
people saying then: of course

how have we been so blind before
and could not see the light
only an open and loving heart
can leave the pain behind

so pass it on to others, friend
if you are healed and growing
pass on the love pass on the good
with an open heart that´s glowing