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We are creating an ecovillage in wonderful Peru!

From 2019 on, I will go looking for land with my husband in Peru. We will build a eco-village that deals specifically with our heart-topics: Tantra, Permaculture, nature spirituality, Shamanism of the Amazon and unschooling.

We want to set up a social laboratory and a playground of possibilities, experience new forms of living together in freedom and harmony and provide inspiration for people who want to live healthy, ecstatic and close to nature and its cycles again.

On this page I will keep you posted about the current development.

You are more than welcome to get in contact if you want to support our engagement with donations or get excited by the idea of living this way either short term or long term. Exchange with other communities around the world as well as encouraging, loving words are also very welcome!

To give you an idea of ​​where we are going with our community, I share my text „Manifestation“ with you here. Under „Poems“ in the menu above you will find more lyrics and texts right from my heart.


I live in a large community of heart people in a rural environment that I regard as my home and from which I go into the world.

There, within the community, each one pursues his heart activities and talents.

There is a close networking with other communities with whom we share experiences and goods.

My child grows up in a safe environment, supported and inspired by the diverse network of a loving tribal family.

I use both our seminar center and other communities to pass on my acquired knowledge and in-depth experience.

Every age has space in this large community and receives appropriate support and care.

With a departure from today’s dominant power structure, an economic and distributional structure has been built that serves all life.

Free energy and useful devices release us from many annoying activities and thus create space for the personal development of each person according to their unique talents.

Conventional and complementary medicine have built a meaningful connection, so that health is guaranteed at every age.

Everyone has the freedom to choose between shared time and alone time, desired relationship and living arrangements, religion and sexual orientation.

Competitive structures have given way to cooperative structures.

People have regained the value of togetherness and respect for fellowship and the environment and see themselves as part of something bigger, each free to define it for themselves – or not.

Resource-saving alternatives have been found and the world has internalized the sentence: The earth offers enough for everyone’s happiness, but not enough for everyone’s greed …

If this vision resonates within you, I am very happy to hear from you!