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Are you growing consciousness in your life?

Are you watching what you eat and choose your friends, your hobbies, your media, your work and your words with increasing awareness?

Are you taking care of your physical and mental well-being as good as possible?


You are not alone! You are a part of the conscious revolution and a massive shift on this planet! Great job!

Do you experience the same consciousness in your love-life?

Or are there still the same old stories going on? The same old habits that you can not break out of? The same patterns of shame, guilt, fear, inhibition – or just „nothing“?

Do you long for the same awareness that you put in other areas of your life to enter into your sexuality and partnership?


You just found a place full of awesome resources that feed your hungry soul with inspiration and new perspectives, tipps, tools and practical exercises to fuel up your sexual energy and bring consciousness into your bedroom – and beyond!

Enjoy browsing – and don´t forget to leave me a comment and share it with a friend who could benefit from it as well!

Love ~ Lucya