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Ecstasy is a life-changing, transformative force!

Hi, I am Lucya

My mission is to help you unlock, unleash and reclaim your ecstatic potential so you can experience the love-life of your dreams. Your ecstatic potential is THE gateway to true freedom, happiness, vibrancy and joy! Sexual energy the key to that gateway and can be an immense catalyst for transformation, if you know how to use it.

Come with me on a journey within yourself and discover things you never thought possible.

Awesome – yes, please!

You probably already know that shame, fear, guilt and trauma are blocking the free flowing life energy and keep us locked in old patterns.

Believe me – I know all about it… I spent an aweful lot of my precious lifetime paralyzed, disconnected and even dissociated due to severe childhood trauma and sexual abuse.

Embodying the teachings of Tantra and learning about the power of sexual energy brought me back to myself and back to life. It opened the gates to a life full of joy, freedom, love and connectedness to myself and the world. It enabled me to embrace all of what it means to be human.

That´s why I know about these healing and transformative powers and why I am so passionate about sharing them with you!

My heart beats for healing and unleashing our ecstatic potential!

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Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Neuroscience

It fascinates me that modern science starts to back up ancient spiritual wisdom. Modern people can benefit big time from this union by integrating a holistic approach of healing and personal growth into their life.

We are getting more and more support for getting conscious in all aspects of life. It´s time that we start making love and living relationships with the same consciousness we embody in health, fitness, living our calling and choosing our media.

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The Sexual Revolution 2.0 has begun!

A lot of people register a growing consciousness on our planet these days. Finally this growth in consciousness reaches the aspect of sexuality that still lays deep in our collective shadow.

More and more its not only important how sex looks at the outside – whom we are allowed to sleep with and how – but how sex feels on the inside and if it contributes to our personal, holistic fullfillment and development.

I see myself as an advocat for both the collective and the sexual shift in consciousness.

Both fields are equally important to me and are insaparably connected. Its a law of nature that if one aspect in us strives for more realization, the others do, too.

With my work as a coach I want to accompany this change on an individual level. With my work as a blogger and inspirational leader I want to support on a collective level. By building up an ecovillage I want to create a playground for learning to life together in cooperation instead of competition.

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„Our desires and dreams are the motor of our life. Our sexual energy is the fuel for this motor.“


The true revolutionary revolution is not acchieved in the outside world but merely in the souls and bodies of the people. (Aldous Huxley)

Every Revolution needs its Manifesto!

If you want to know what Tantra is all about and why I strongly believe it can change the world, when put into action with love, passion and dedication – then I highly recommend reading this manifesto.

You learn…

  • …why Tantra is not a religion nor strives to be one

  • …what sexual energy really is, how we can create more of it and why it highly enhances our personal experience

  • …why most of us are living such unfullfilling lifes and what we can do about it

  • …why a second, conscious sexual revolution is needed and how we can create it – one by one and all together

Plus: I did my best to make it both fun to read and really helpful for your own personal journey!

It´s a fiery plea for a new ecstatic culture and a heartfelt invitation to jump over your shadow and into the higher version of yourself!

Give it to me!