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Hi, I am Lucya Lalita but feel free to call me Lucya – or even just Lu…

Who am I and if so, how many?

Professionally I am: a spirit sex rebel, a source of inspiration, a tantric body-, sex- and relationship coach as well as a prospective tantra teacher.

Personally I am: part-time hippie, part-time hedonist, an open-minded and unconventional visionary, openly married, an xtatic dancer, a soap bubble and cat lover.

Generally I am: unboxable – and very thrilled to be part of this amazing transition of human history.

How I became what I am now

My path took me to the brink of human abyss and beyond in my earliest childhood through emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Through this traumatization, I spent my childhood and adolescence in a state of inner division, mistrust and struggle against myself and my fellow human beings.

Understanding why people harm themselves and each other so much was my motivation for my first study in psychology and sociology.

When I found no answers there and realized that the answer to this question was not important, but that it was about helping people to stop it and heal from their traumas, I studied social work and began my education as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.

During this time, I went to search for the answers to the really important questions of life and by doing so I stumbled over my own soul.

My healing journey

This “stumbling over my own soul” in August 2012 was the turning point in my life, heralding a healing journey I never thought possible.

I understood that I am NOT this body to which so much suffering and pain was done, but that what I REALLY AM is eternal, joyful and indestructible. A part of me was and is eternally whole, untouched, innocent and free!

This realization hit me completely unexpectedly and with such full force that I dropped my studies, quit my two jobs and my apartment, left my relationship and my hometown and went on a travel in search of my true self.

Tantra and healing work – my vocation

On this travel, I met my first teacher, who correctly assessed my abilities and talents and gave me my first ordinations in Tantra and tantric massage.

For over two and a half years, I worked in a shared practice for tantric massage in Hamburg and constantly expanded my knowledge and skills through further education and trainings in the areas of tantra, tantric massage, energy work, coaching, meditation, process support, transformation work and trauma coping.

Because of homesickness I went back to my hometown Cologne in 2015 and founded a spiritual center in my living room. Together with a growing group of people I organised meetings for meditation, women, spiritual exchange, cuddling, Tantra and celebration.

The next step

When I met my sweetheart in 2016, I started a second, longer self-discovery journey through Southern Europe with him. On this journey, my next professional step, much more focused on teaching, coaching and inspiring, was revealed to me.

I am happy to create my own place online and offline where I can take action in service of the big transformation of humanity. My very own tantric temple, where I can put my skills, my knowledge, my experience and my heart into the service of the people!

My Invitation

I wholeheartedly invite you be inspired by my work, my lyrics and my blog – to dive deeper into the subject of Conscious Sexuality, get intensely motivated, heal your inner child, resolve deep-seated blocks, and to embody your true, authentic self – every day, more and more.

If If you are looking for a good start in this new, exciting realms, I invite you to have a look at my Xtatic Manifesto.

I am looking forward to the meeting of our souls, our journey together and especially to your big and beautiful transformation as part of the big and beautiful transformation of this planet – the unfolding of your wonderful, powerful, radiant self!