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The Xtatic Trance State Tantric Massage

What is Classic Tantric Massage?

A classical tantric massage is designed to shower you with some amazing sensual feelings. The recipient of a tantric massage is completely passive.

A tantric massage is a wonderful way to increase your sensitivity, to rejuvenate your pleasure and body and to broaden your sensual and sexual horizon.

I, too, have been giving traditional tantric massage rituals for years and have been touched by the diversity of people who have been interested in this new experience for a variety of reasons.

However, what I always lacked in these sessions, working for a classic massage institute, was the ability to educate people about the basic mechanisms of tantric bodywork, which would help them to make truly profound, sustainable, ecstatic experiences.

It is so much easier to reach and deepen these natural transcendental states of consciousness (xtatic trance states) with the simplest basic knowledge and simple basic exercises!

  • unleash, unfold and expand your ecstatic potential

  • understand what whole body orgasms really are and how to achieve them

  • Resolve deep-seated sexual blockages and overcome them

  • understand and cure sexual “dysfunctions” such as premature ejaculation, pain during sex, lack of sexual interest or impotence

  • Dissolve sexual trauma and feelings of fear, shame and guilt around sex

  • Make your everyday life more sensual, powerful and ecstatic

  • Experience intense,  mind-altering trance states through sexual energy

  • Not only revive your relationship but take it to the next level

  • Find out what your body is capable of feeling

  • Open yourself up for something completely new

The best part is, this knowledge will help you even after the massage is over to make your life more positive and intense.

What is special about the Xtatic Trance State Massage?

The mixture of tantric body coaching and tantric massage makes the difference.

In the first hour of our 3 hour journey, I explain theoretically and practically the basics and foundations of the deep, ecstatic experience – breath, voice, movement, relaxation and sexual energy. This knowledge can then be put into action during the approximately 2 hour massage to deepen your experience and take it to a whole new level.

It is neither complicated nor exhausting

On the contrary! It reunites you with your natural, instinctual sexuality that has been socially conditioned by teaching you to perform, to make sex look and sound a certain way.

The focus lays on deepening sexual energy (= life energy) and exploring energetic-orgasmic states

So many sexual conditioning and myths separate us from our actual, intense, instinctively ecstatic nature. One of them is that ejaculatory orgasm is considered the highest sexual pleasure. In the Tantra and Tao teachings, the wasted sperm and the energy discharged by ejaculatory (or clitoral) orgasm is considered a loss of life energy that should be avoided.

You are actively involved in the process

Through breath, sounding, conscious sensing of the energetic movement in the body, conscious relaxation and opening of the energetic channels you become the co-creator of your experience.

This will not make you dependent on a massage that allows you to feel intensely, but teaches you how to practice conscious self-pleasuring. You can as well share it with your intimate partner(s).

My invitation

I invite you on a journey back to yourself. Back to your own depths (not just) of sensual and sexual sensitivity.

It may sound a bit abstract to you now, but believe me – it’s so easy and natural! You only have to know how.

Many people, through their previous experience, are unable to feel deep relaxation through the touch of the genitals. Therefore, the tantric massage is often mistaken for an erotic massage and ejaculation is perceived as the highest measure of ecstasy. That’s not the case.

Sexuality is still associated with so much guilt, shame, pressure and other negative emotions – not to mention sexual trauma and violence.

Studying Tantra and receiving an Xtatic Trance State massage can bring such wonderful, healing and much needed balance here.

Lust can be completely re-experienced and re-defined. Sexual traumas can be lovingly accepted and cured. Sexual “dysfunctions” can be understood as an indication and be treated as a sign instead of a disorder.

Both as a couple and as a single you can get a lot out of the experience of an Xtatic Trance State Massage. You gain many new insights for your sexual and also for your daily life.

All you need is a little bit of openness and trust to this new, fascinating world of sensation

I am looking forward to our journey together!