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Ancient Tantric Wisdom meets modern Neuroscience

  • Imagine that you finally made peace with your body and know how to elicit the most intense sensual-ecstatic pleasures!

  • Imagine that you are finally free of others’ opinions about you because you know who you are and you love what you are!

  • Imagine that you finally have the perfect partner by your side, with whom you can explore this giant adventure playground called Earth safe and secure and yet free and alive!

  • Imagine, your long time partner looks at you again with that look from the beginning days of your love!

  • Imagine, you finally experience the intense sexual ecstasy and satisfaction to which every body is capable at any age!

  • Imagine, your orgasms are not just a pressure relief valve to get rid of stress or a breezy breeze, but deserve the name “epic satisfaction” because they let you sink into the pillows happy, fulfilled, with deep peace and deep gratitude to yourself, your partner and the whole creation!

  • Imagine, your whole life would magically fill with this tingling, luminous ecstasy and inspire every step of your way!

  • Imagine, your carisma suddenly fills entire stadium because you immerse pure joy of life!

My Offerings

Magic only looks impossible when you dont know how it works 🙂

Wouldn´t all this be worth to move out of your comfort zone, embrace your shadows and unapologetically decide to make pleasure, sensuality, and ecstasy a much higher value in your life?

The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something changes. (Albert Einstein)

What stands in your way of following the call of your wild heart?

Which beliefs do you need to let go to be truly free?

What cherished truths do you have to expose as a lie?

Tantra and the regaining of my ecstatic potential has changed and healed my life – and it can do that for you, too!

Sometimes we are pretty much on the hump against our own issues and challenges. Where we find it easy to see what others need to change in order to experience more joy and ease, we often don´t know that in our own lifes.

Coaching basically accompanies stable people in their development of their highest potential or acts in addition to a therapy. There it works on a more personal level, that most therapists leave untouched. It’s designed to empower you, help you build new habits and give you the affectionate kick in the butt, that we all sometimes need. This applies to all types of coaching. No matter if diet, sport, life, relationship or sexuality. No matter what yearning drives you – with a coach at your side, the fulfillment moves a lot closer..

My form of integrated body-, sex- and relationship coaching is desire-based.

Our desires show us who we really want to be and who we absolutely CAN be. They are the echo of the call of our soul for realization.

The mere fact that we carry these longings within us means that we have the ability to fulfill them. Otherwise, we wouldn´t be interested in these special thing and the motivation for fulfillment wouldn´t arouse within us!

Therefore, the success formula of my coaching is:

Clarity about your desires + tools and techniques that bring you closer to them – beliefs that stand in your way = fulfillment of your longings and your full potential

I’ll help you figure out what you really really want. I provide you with effective tools and exercises that truly work in creating a deep and lasting change. I burry your old, no longer needed beliefs about what is possible for you.

In this process, tantric exercises play just as big of a role as the science about the functioning of our brain, our emotions and about sustainable transformations.

Sounds good?

Here you can contact me for setting up a free personal call to find out how I can help you fulfill your desires around sexuality, love, partnership, and everyday ecstasy.

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