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Are you ready for a second sexual revolution?

We are standing at the edge of a new era. At the edge of a second sexual revolution. A  c o n s c i o u s  sexual revolution. I call it:

The Xtatic Revolution!

This second sexual revolution is by far not only a revolution of the bedrooms – it touches every aspect of our daily lifes!

My name is Lucya Inanna and I am excited to live together with you in these highly transformative times! Everything is moving – full of life and full of constant change. The one big question for every single one of us human beings in this time is: Where is my place in this constantly changing picture? I am convinced that our place is right there, where our passion and excitement is flaming the highest.

My passion is blazing for the healing and liberation of our ecstatic potential


Yet this new xtatic culture is only a vague idea, an ascending longing. An echo of the call of our souls

We, who hear the echo of this call within ourselves…

We, who feel the rays of anticipation in our hearts and on our skin…

We, who are driven by our longing for a new chapter and are no longer willing to accept less than we know is possible…

We are spirit sex rebels! We are pioneers of this new culture!

We are ready to face the demons of our past with love. We are ready to end the battle of the sexes and to go together towards a future of equality, passion, desire and raw honesty. We know that our individual healing is part of the collective healing. And we know that the liberation of our xtatic potential is giving us the power to fullfill our dreams!


Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energys of the universe. Every evolution is sexuality. Every growth and every development is an act of creation and therefore a sexual act – it´s an act of giving birth to something new.

Our desires and dreams are the motor of our life. Our sexual energy is the fuel for this motor!


Do you desire as a woman…

  • …to build a love relationship with your body?

  • …to attract all looks with your magnetic presence?

  • …to experience mind blowing orgasms?

  • …to unleash your wild, feminie powers?

  • …to stop playing small and weak?

  • …to make self-love the foundation of your relationship with others?

  • …to open your heart and increase your ability to love?

  • …to make pleasure a priority in your life?

  • …to have more power and energy througout the day?

  • to feel held, seen and loved – exactly as you are?

Do you desire as a man…

  • …to build a deep connection to your authentic masculinity?

  • …to feel strong and confident in your body instead of being at war with him?

  • …to increase your physical and emotional sensitivity?

  • …to understand what women really want from you – in bed and in life?

  • …to deepen your orgasms and to discover new forms of your orgasmic potential?

  • …to enjoy sex fully instead of being under pressure to perform?

  • …to extend your lovemaking in a relaxed and easy way?

  • …to have more energy and fun in your daily life instead of wearing yourself out?

  • …to be seen, loved and adored – exactly as you are?

Do you desire as a couple…

  • …to step out of power struggles and argument spirals?

  • …to deeply understand each other and love and honor your individuality?

  • …to feel free and connected at the same time?

  • … to get the old stuff out of the way to make room for new and exciting experiences?

  • …to learn how to support each other in your personal growth and healing?

  • …to share incredibly deep, intimate moments – in bed and in your daily life?

  • …to meet and touch each other on all levels of existence?

  • …to create a vision that goes beyond your relationship and really bind you together?


Hi, I am Lucya

To merge ancient tantric wisdom with modern neuroscience and deeply transform human lifes for a new xtatic and peaceful culture – that´s the purpose of this blog, my work and my life

Professionally I am: a spirit sex rebel, a source of inspiration, a tantric body-, sex- and relationship coach as well as a prospective tantra teacher.

Personally I am: part-time hippie, part-time hedonist, an open-minded and unconventional visionary, openly married, an xtatic dancer, a soap bubble and cat lover.

Generally I am: unboxable – and very thrilled to be part of this amazing transition of human history.

My spiritual awakening in 2012 led me to the tantric path and with this a healing journey began I had never imagined would be possible. After being stuck in my trauma patterns almost all my life through physical and sexual abuse I finally came back to life.

On this journey I put the fragments of my soul together piece by piece and filled the cracks with shining gold

Tantra and the reclaiming of my xtatic potential played a big role on that healing journey.

That´s why I am both so eager and so excited to share my knowledge with all of you, who want to embark fully on this amazing adventure called life!

I am still crazy – but at least I am now crazy for the good things in life 🙂

More about me
Work with me

The true revolutionary revolution is not acchieved in the outside world but merely in the souls and bodies of the people. (Aldous Huxley)

Every revolution needs its manifesto!

If you want to know what Tantra is all about and why I strongly believe it can change the world, when put into action with love, passion and dedication – then I highly recommend reading this manifesto.

You get to know…

  • …why Tantra is not a religion nor strives to be one

  • …what sexual energy really is, how we can create more of it and why it highly enhances our personal experience

  • …why most of us are living such unfullfilling lifes and what we can do about it

  • …why a second, conscious sexual revolution is needed and how we can create it – one by one and all together

Plus: I did my best to make it both fun to read and really helpful for your own personal journey!

It´s a fiery plea for a new xtatic culture and a heartfelt invitation to jump over your shadow and into the higher version of yourself!