Cosmic Vibration – Tantric Bodycoaching for Men, Women and Couples 2017-12-30T21:27:37+00:00

Cosmic Vibration – Tantric body coaching

 Body awareness and consciousness coaching for men, women and couples

In the tantric body coaching session, we embrace and feel exactly what’s there, here and now.

Again the process is guided by your sensations and desires

  • What do you want to feel?
  • What do you want to experience?
  • Who would you like to be?

And we look at the fears, imprints and blockages that still stand in your way.

We work holistically – with conversation and understanding, with touch and movement, with energy and clarity, with sound and silence.

  • Feel yourself

  • Mirror yourself

  • Expand yourself

  • Relax yourself

  • Indulge yourself

  • Reflect yourself

  • Let go of yourself

  • Find your authentic self

  • Touch and be touched

The Cosmic Vibration Sessions is an intuitive process. This means that we go on a journey together without first determining the route (the type and the course of the session). This work develops in the present moment and addresses all levels of the human system – body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit.

The process can bring you in contact with unknown, unlived or deeply repressed parts of yourself. No matter what it is, I guide and accompany you and walk with you through your inner fire!

My presence, intuition and mediality open the space for deep experiences, new insights and immersion in your true being – your essence that inhabits your body for the time of this life. The abundance of techniques, exercises and methods available to me opens up the opportunity to choose exactly what you need most right now.

I invite you to free yourself from all expectations, to drop all structures and to open yourself fully – then miracles can happen!